A GREAT Exhibition Vase!

A cut glass and gilded vase of alhambra from, exhibited by Herr Wilhelm Hoffmann of Prague. Bohemia, circa 1860.

A mid 19th century cut glass and gilded vase of Alhambra form

This exceptionally fine and monumental glass vase was created by W. Hoffmann of Prague and exhibited at the 1862 Paris International Exhibition. It is a 19th-century variation on the “Alhambra Vases” of the 14th and 15th centuries. These Hispano-Moreque wares derived from ancient amphoras and were made, for purely decorative purposes, to stand in niches probably at the Alhambra in Grenada, to which they owe their name. The original vases, only eight of which survive intact, are impressive by decoration and size (the largest being over 5 feet in height) with a swelling body and large, flat wing-like handles.

The present vase was illustrated in J.B. Waring’s “Masterpieces of Industrial Art and Sculpture from the International Exhibition of 1862” (Vol. II, Plate No. 125):

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